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There is a CalSPRA membership to fit any sized organization. All of the memberships listed below provided access to full benefits, including the statewide listserv, member library and discounts on conference, award and course registrations.

Institutional Memberships

Institutional - Provides member benefits for up to three members within the organization. The cost is $400 per year.

More than three members
For more than three members, institutions can add on as many membership slots as needed. Slots are an additional $100 per year.

  • Institutional Plus One - Up to four members, $500
  • Institutional Plus Two - Up to five members, $600
  • Institutional Plus Three - Up to six members, $700
  • Institutional Plus Four - Up to seven members, $800
  • Institutional Plus Five - Up to eight members, $900
  • Institutional Plus Six - Up to nine members, $1000
  • Institutional Plus Seven - Up to 10 members, $1100
  • Institutional Plus Eight- Up to 11 members, $1200

Individual Memberships

Individual - Provides member benefits for one member within the organization. The cost is $250 per year.

Student - $25

Transitional Membership - For one year after leaving a district/LEA, members will have access to a free “Transitional Membership,” allowing them to continue to view job postings, utilize the listserv, attend events at the member rate, and access Member Library materials. To access this benefit, email

Golden Mentor - This membership is granted by the executive board to members who are retiring from full-time status in the education public relations field, who were members in good standing for at least five consecutive years. To access this benefit, email

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