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In honor of School Communicator's Day, we have collected ideas about how our communicators add value to school systems every day.

The Value of School Communication

Implementing effective communication strategies with the help of a trained public relations professional provides a huge return on investment for school districts. 

Why does effective communication matter?

  • Stabilizes leadership teams
  • Increases student success
  • Increases public support
  • Increases awareness of vision and needs
  • Increases employee morale, retention
  • Increases ability to respond effectively to crises
  • Saves time in the long run

PR professionals bring sound judgment, strategic thinking, and technical know-how to their roles. They often do work that isn’t highly visible such as:

  • Preventing a crisis with strategic feedback
  • Providing critical context for the media so that some things that don’t make the news
  • Relationship building with a variety of audiences
  • Communication research to ensure that the most effective methods are used 
  • Providing guidance across departments

The fact is, school communication professionals bring value across the school system. Visit the categories below to learn how.

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